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  • Complete profiles in 72 hours
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  • With support and extended warranty
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Headhunter precision with platform pricing? We heard you! Catena cuts hiring costs and time by 80%!

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We know hiring can be tough, so every role at Catena includes an extended warranty.

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9 out of 10 employees are open to new new opportunities

The market is very dynamic and research shows only 1 in 10 employees will stay in your team this year.

  • Actively looking for new opportunities

  • Might consider new opportunities

  • Not open to new opportunities

Source: Global Talent Trends 2023

Complete profiles in 72 hours

In 72 hours, we will show you candidates with the background, profile and availability you need

Less than 1 monthly salary

Leveraging technology, we have drastically reduced recruitment costs and the saving is yours

With support and extended warranty

Help? We offer support throughout the process and extended warranty on all roles

How does recruitment with Catena work?

An effective recruitment process is key to engage and hire the best talent. At Catena, we take care of all content creation, attraction, and selection of candidates and you start off with interviews.



Starting from the Job Description, we define the profile you are looking for, create contents and strategies to engage your target audience.



We run campaigns to promote your role in multiple channels leveraging organic and paid traffic to get your role in front of the right candidates.



We monitor conversions, clicks, and applications, assess and pre-select applicants and hand you a shortlist of qualified candidates.



You start here! With Catena, you start your recruitment process with qualified candidates ready to be interviewed


What our clients say about us!

“At Teros, we were struggling to fill our Tech Lead position due to the high demand for technology professionals. Working with Catena made the process simple and efficient, from creating and promoting the job listing to pre-screening candidates. Their candidate funnel helped us focus on the right candidates, leading to a fast and successful hiring process. We found the perfect candidate for the role, and we look forward to working with Catena for our future hiring needs!”

Ana Rossi

CTO, Teros

“Through Catena we were able to hire interns, specialized sales people as well as high-caliber managers. Our experience with Catena was so positive we recommended it to a friend running a startup in Florianópolis, who was able to hire a Sales Director within a month using Catena, something he had been trying to do for 8 months. I am a big fan of Catena’s pricing model and they are our official recruitment partner.”

Humberto De Biase

COO, Grupos Onii e Ven To

“We were surprised by Catena's speed, assertiveness and professionalism in delivering candidates. Our partnership with Catena is helping us build a team that will significantly contribute to the success and purpose of our business, positively impacting future generations through infrastructure projects.”

Eder Campos

Director, Houer

“We have tried and tested many recruitment platforms and agencies that are very bureaucratic, full of steps and who hardly understand what the customer wants. Our experience working with Catena was the complete opposite: everything is done clearly with the customer as the main focus and with fast and efficient communication.”

João Ducate

Analyst, Exati

“Catena surpassed all our expectations. More than helping us structure our vacancy in a clear and concise way, we had excellent candidates ready to be interviewed in less than a week! Their promotion and pre-selection methodology as well as the candidate-funnel were excellente and saved us time and money. We will definitely work together again!”

Giulio Destro

Partner, JL Capacitores

"Catena came into our lives as a facilitator in our search for high-performing candidates to complete our team at Winnin. They provided impeccable service in locating top-quality profiles, and their personalized approach made the process seamless. We highly recommend Catena to any company in search of top-tier talent."

Natália Menotti

Analyst, Winnin

“Catena helped us from the start, when we barely knew what kind of professional we needed. Besides their knowledge and helpfulness, they worked very fast to deliver qualified candidates ready to be interviewed. We filled our position swiftly! I recommend them.”

Igor Coimbra

Co-Founder, ALPS Clinic

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Catena uses Growth Hacking (coding + digital marketing + metrics) to take your brand and open roles to the right candidates. In 3 days, you get a shortlist of qualified candidates for your role.

We understand your target audience, create content that represents your company and your role and make sure the content reaches the audience you want to attract. Using more than 20 channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Inded, Facebook, ...) we optimize for clicks, applications, gather and pre-select applicants. In 72 hours, you get a shortlist of pre-selected candidates.

You just need to register your role with us. In up to 3 (three) days, you get a qualified candidate shortlist and can start off your selection process in the interview stage.

Less than the candidate's monthly salary. The exact cost depends on the candidate you are looking for. Is it a senior role? What is the ideal candidate's experience? Register your role below and get a quote from us- no strings attached!

Yes. Our fees comprise everything we need to hand you qualified candidates and help you fill your open role.

Have you been able to recruit successfully using job ads on LinkedIn and other job portals? If so, great! If not, we might be able to help you improve your job ad game and get you candidates.

Yes, though it is important to point out that 90% of the client companies that ask us about AI do not need AI in the first place to solve their hiring needs.

There is no extra cost if you end up hiring more than one candidate from our shortlist.

Yes. Our warranty varies from role to role, but, in short, if a candidate hired through Catena leaves or is let go of your company for any reason, we help you fill your role again.

No. At Catena we believe in simplifying processes but without losing productivity. Interviewing candidates on behalf of a client company is not something we believe makes sense. Recruiting is the most important sale you can perform for your company since you are bringing someone to your team, so do not let third parties interview on your behalf. Not even us.

When you evaluate the candidates on our platform, we use your feedback to adapt and improve our campaigns so we can be more assertive on our following shortlist. It is no coincidence 80% of our clients hire within 10 days.

Our goal is not to overwhelm, or spam, you with candidates. This is why we focus on your job description and feedback to hone in on the desired profile and send you shortlists that are assertive.

Our goal is to improve your TA team's productivity. With Catena, your TA team can start the hiring process at the interview stage, so they do not need to spend their days sourcing and waiting for candidates' answers.

We are 100% digital, so no matter where you are in the world, we can help you recruit better.